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Uncategorized Jul 31, 2021

The first and most important step in accounting for your Etsy Shop (at least in my humble opinion) is to pick a system that you want to use to keep your financial records in one consistent place.

This system is important because it will hold all of your financial data for your business for years to come.

You can always transition into new accounting systems, but it can be a pain to do this.

Trust me, I have been there and it is NO fun!

In my experience, there are only going to be several choices for your Etsy accounting system, but what is the best bookkeeping software for Etsy?

Glad you are here because I have several of them for you to pick from…

To start your search for the best bookkeeping software for Etsy, you will need to identify the needs of your company.

If it is simple and straightforward and you are just starting out, Microsoft Excel might be enough for you.

If you don’t like the idea of having a hard backup copy or you possibly do not even have excel, then Google Sheets would work just as well.

Now, these systems have limitations so make sure they meet both your requirements before committing yourself to them. You should also understand what kind of budgeting flexibility you'll have going forward in terms of software upgrades (if any).

As an accountant myself I know how hard this decision can be but luckily most companies decide on either on Excel or a cloud-based system like QuickBooks Self-Employed for Etsy.

In my opinion, I do believe that going directly into QuickBooks Self-Employed for Etsy is probably the best decision for you, but we can discus…

I know you're probably ready to start selling on Etsy, but if you don't want to spend time learning complicated accounting software, there are a few very easy ways to pick the best accounting system for your Etsy shop.

Let’s first go over cloud-based systems like QuickBooks (either online or desktop), Wave Accounting, Freshbooks and Xero vs. Microsoft Excel…

All these cloud-based platforms above do all the hard work of collecting information from each transaction in your store automatically via automatic feeds they have set up directly with processing companies like Etsy who handle transactions on their end.

They make it so that any money coming into your account is accounted for as revenue!

Quickbooks Online is a perfect option for people who are looking to simplify their business finances, especially those that have multiple sources of income. In my experience QuickBooks has been the premier system because it's user-friendly and has tons of support available 24/7 by phone or email as well as live chat service! And hey, if you want Etsy QuickBooks Tutorial, or you want to know how to to the bookkeeping for Etsy, you can check out my Etsy Accounting course right here  

It also integrates with many different platforms like SquareSpace, Shopify, PayPal & Woocommerce so you can easily keep track of your money flow across all areas in one place. This means less time spent putting together spreadsheets and more focus on growing your business where it really matters - at point-of-sale!


The differences between Excel vs using a cloud-based system such as QuickBooks online couldn't be any clearer..

QuickBooks Online for Etsy is the best way to save and organize your business's data because it gives you a clear view of all your important information, such as sales figures or material expenses. It also reduces paper clutter in the office by storing everything on top-of-the line servers that are backed up daily so you never have any worries about losing anything!


In today’s world where we're constantly connected to work from anywhere at anytime, cloud based systems like QuickBooks Self Employed for Etsy make sense for businesses who want their time back.

With an excel spreadsheet, not only will it take weeks or months to master but if something goes wrong with one document then they could potentially be stuck without access until someone can fix what went wrong, causing lost sales and marketing for your Etsy Shop.

With QuickBooks Online, your data is automatically saved so you don't have to worry about having a backup. You can generate reports with the click of one button and if anything happens to your computer, like viruses or accidental deletions- all work will still be safe on their servers!

Now, you never have to worry about your computer crapping out on you. All of the formulas in QuickBooks Online are pre-built for quick and easy calculation! With one click of a button, generate all types reports that will make sense without having to manually enter data from different places into Excel sheets over and over again like before. If there's anything wrong with your PC or internet connection at any time during these processes so long as it doesn't take more than 5 minutes then don't fret because when everything is back up an running correctly (which shouldn’t take too much longer) all changes made since last saved update will be uploaded automatically - no need for manual intervention required which saves tons of time!!


Here are my reasons for using QuickBooks as your Etsy Accounting Tool

  1. The best part of QuickBooks is that it is prebuilt with a lot of formulas and automated processes. It includes features such as automatically categorizing transactions, which makes the process so much more convenient! With Excel documents there are manual calculations required in order to combine financial statements from banks and other sources into one document for management purposes.
  2. If you are seeking to grow your business, Excel is not the best tool for the job. Modern accounting software offers a wide range of analytics and reporting designed specifically with growth in mind that will make it easy to plan ahead while minimizing effort on your part.
  3. Cloud based accounting software offers auditors and tax preparers a seamless experience that ensures everything is there for them to grab as needed. Modern features perform this core function, and more questions come up when an excel document is handed over instead of the cloud-based system.
  4. With QuickBooks Online, you can access your books and financial records from anywhere in the world at any time. All you need is an email address and a password - so if anything happens to your computer or internet connection while away on business travel for example, all of the data are still available digitally.
  5. It's not just about saving money with this software; it also helps prevent mistakes that could cost more down the line: when one person knows everything there is to know about accounting (or as much as they need to), we don't have someone else take over their position without understanding what went before them which may lead disaster!
  6. Intuit QuickBooks is like a time management system for your accounting. It does all the work and you reap the benefits with accurate financial records, flexible budgets, multi-user access to data from any device or location in real time as well as reporting features that will help you track trends over months and years
  7. QuickBooks software provides an exciting opportunity of hand off bookkeeping by automating many tasks such as invoicing customers based on their payment history, tracking sales tax information at point of sale so there are no surprises come April 15th when it's too late to do anything about it! With reliable customer relationship tools available right within our dashboard we have everything needed under one roof - simplified business finances just became possible!
  8. If you're looking to hire an accountant, consider outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping processes. Working with QuickBooks is much easier than the nightmare that comes along when dealing with Excel documents, especially if they are not well-documented. Furthermore, should you need a CPA in order to file taxes or something similar - most of them will ask for it be exported into their software which can handle those files better!

QuickBooks is a great accounting system for small business owners because it's so user friendly. For those of you who are on the fence, I recommend trying out other cloud-based systems like Wave Accounting or Freshbooks to see which one works best for your needs and style.

A major limitation of using Excel is the inability to maintain a list. A solution could be creating an excel document and storing it as both text-based and spreadsheet formats, but this can become time consuming when needing to switch back n forth between views while editing. Generally speaking though, if you are still stubborn or trying your best at understanding basic accounting with no success so far then use Excel now for its simplicity in design—but bear in mind that there will always be limitations since it's not made exclusively for finance purposes like QuickBooks Online (QBO) which typically contains more features than what would fit on one screen inside of Google Sheets!

Now, am I biased towards QuickBooks....yes :) 

Personally, I think that just the sheer fact that all of your data will automatically be downloaded into a system will eliminate hours and hours of time that you could be focused on selling your products...

The only downside I hear to QuickBooks is that it may be a little hard to use and figure out at first. 

But, once you get it down, it is SO easy to maintain and hand off to your tax person at the end of the year. 

If you want some help learning how to actually set up a proper system, check out my Etsy Accounting course where I walk you through a real life seller step by step on how to do her Etsy bookkeeping and Etsy accounting. The course is a fun and simple way to understand your Etsy finances a little better. 

Check out the course right here...

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